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Organetto diatonico

Francesco Tassoni was born born October 30 1980 in Teramo.

He has always had the passion for music and more precisely for the organetto. It is probably a hereditary one since many family members (father and grandfather) played this instrument.

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He started to take lessons in Febuary 1991 from the Teramano maestro Franco Ruggieri and during the following summer, after daily rehearsing and a strong will, his first results in local competitions arrived.

In 1992 he won his first local competition but 1993 was the year that marks his career.

In July of '93, Francesco decides to continue on without the aid of his teacher but gladly accepts suggestions from other teachers and experts. One of which is a local constructor of organetti and renowned composer Cav. Raffaele Pistelli.

It was the summer of '93 when Francesco achieved his important results in national and international competitions and he continued winning the Italian title of 'champion' in 1995. 1997 marks the year he won the European title and September 15 1996 won the title of World's Junior Champion in Castelfidardo (Ancona)

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World's Junior Champion (09/15/1996)

In 1994 Francesco starts studying the accordion. Until today he continues so as to enrich his musical culture and repetoire. After the victory of World Champion, he started a long series of tours,performing in concerts, as guest of honour, and holding master classes which took him to many places around the world (Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Austria, Rep. Chec, Slovachia, Hungary, Belgium, Luxemberg, Croatia and Slovenia) Italy and among Italian communities abroad.
He achieved excellent results and reviews for his first audio cassette which is now on CD.

He also took part in the televsion show 7x1 on 09/09/1999 with Gigi Sabani, Samantha De Grenet, Rosita Celentano, Wendy, Angoon directed by Jocelin. In that occasion he met and has astrong friendship with the famous television celebrity, Giacomino Sportelli.


Francesco also has a diploma in bookkeeping (ragioniere) and is currently studying Law at the University of Teramo. He is the organetto teacher for the Cultural association «Ars Nova» ( of Teramo.

At the moment he collaborates with the artist Claudio Torres in the “Pittura e Musica” (Painting and Music) spectacle which took them to important "la Perdonanza Celestiniana" event in L'Aquila whos guests of honour were: Ennio Morricone, Pino Daniele, Alex Baroni, Tosca e Carreras and an event in honour of Giuseppe Verdi in the auditorium of Castel Michelangelo in Civitavecchia.

The past year he has performed in Francfort at the "Musik Messe" an international music festival along with Pino Mudigno and Silvia Pagni renowned accordianists in front of 80.000 visitors.

His last discographical work, “Organetto in tour”, very well done with the cooperation of professional high level musucians such as Emanuele De Vittorio, Antonio Palmisano, Antonio Semeraro and Vincenzo Arces, has been ordered all over the world, even trough the website with compliments for the execution, the arrangements and the graphic concept, result of a great team work.

In the city of Bari, Francesco held two important concerts; one with the teacher GIANNI MAZZA and his orchestra and the other one, for the 613rd Carnival of Putignano, with the conductor DEMO MORSELLI and HIS BIG BAND ORCHESTRA in front of 4000 people in a great and stunning night full of enthusiasm of people and performers.

A side note about the pupils of  the World's champion, who are earning fame all around, performing as solo players in orchestras or in competitions. This is possible due to the friendship with Francesco, friendship whose value is sometime important in the music world.

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